Bronze Sculptures Kelowna 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bronze Sculptures Kelowna

Dawson Studios produces Bronze sculptures that offers contemporary design within an old world medium which gives sense of longevity to the pieces.

Nicholas Dawson works with clay and wax to achieve a final work in bronze allows a freedom of expression hard to duplicate in in other mediums.

The excitement of possibilities with no limitations while working in this medium inspires him to keep exploring this art form!

Stone Sculptures Kelowna

The characteristics of the stone and its potential are hidden until the carver applies his chisel.

Many times Nicholas Dawson will start carving with no plan at all but the stones colours and natural characterises start to dictate the shape of the final piece.

Wood Sculptures Kelowna

Nicholas Dawson is able to see art in all that surround him.

In wood nature has started the artistic process and Nicholas Dawson of Dawson Studios works to complete the process.

Burl wood, drift wood and old barn wood all have potential when put to chisel. Nicholas Dawson recycles what nature has given into magnificence pieces of art.

Bronze Sculptures Kelowna Dawson Studios